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Pine Castle Woman's Club

The Heart of The Community Since 1940 and Home of the Corner Rose Tea Room

Flossie's Garden

Where friends and family are honored and memorialized

Flossie’s Garden is named in honor of Florence Bumby Fishback, who founded the Pine Castle Woman’s Club in 1940. “Flossie,” as she was known to her many friends, would be the first to say she was only a small part of a wonderful group of Pine Castle ladies who worked together to create a much needed gathering place for the community as well as a place where they could come together in service to Greater Pine Castle.

Helping to carry on the tradition of community service is Flossie’s daughter, Ann Fishback Bennett, who has served three different terms as President of the Pine Castle Woman’s Club, Flossie’s granddaughter-in-law, who is an Associate Member, and Flossie’s great-granddaughter, who is looking forward to the day when she can join our club and become the fourth generation to help preserve the history of Greater Pine Castle.

We invite you to help us continue to preserve local history by purchasing a brick in our very special “Flossie’s Garden”

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